Central Purrk is a foster home for rescue cats and retail, also fostering for the Richmond SPCA. Our resources are focused on adult cats, as they are the ones who languish in shelters as the kittens beside them are adopted quickly. They deserve our dedicated time and attention.  Our relaxing enviornment allows us to work on the rehabilitation of certain behavior issues that keep cats from finding a connection with people.  It’s amazing to see the progress made from when they arrive to when they’re ready for adoption.

“So where do you get your cats?” We bring them into rescue from a number of situations. It never fails, they just show up. Whether they’re pulled from a municipal shelter or surrendered by caregivers who find themselves unable to keep them any longer, we promise to give them the best chance of a lasting placement. All cat lovers know you don’t pick a cat; the cat picks you.

So what happened to the coffee shop? After being open nearly a year, we learned visitors were more interested in the cats than gourmet coffee. We cleared out all the equipment and made room for more cats to enhance the experience for visitors and provide more comfort for the kitties we rescue. We’ll still offer drip coffee, hot tea, hot cocoa, but no fancy barista drinks or pastries.

We thank you for your continued support.