Community Cat Resources

69943519_2597700893628267_6204416434752192512_oSpread the word and help save lives! Community cat overpopulation can be controlled if you and your neighbors practice responsible colony management. Active TNR should start the minute you put food out to feed them.

Did you know Richmond has several low-cost spay and neuter clinics who also offer free feral appointments? Let’s work together to keep cats off the streets.

If you see a community cat with an ear tip, it may be feral or a friendly stray, but it is no longer littering in your neighborhood. It’s hip to be tipped!

Getting a free feral cat appoint may take a few phone calls and some patience, but your efforts will be rewarded the day your neighborhood cat is fixed and released.  We recommend contacting the following places for free spay/neuter appointments for feral cats only.  These are not appointments for pets.

Sunday night at 9 pm, call Loving Spay  + Neuter Clinic at (804) 379-0046 and follow the automated prompts for the feral cat line.  Leave a message with your name and a phone number you will answer Monday during normal business hours.  You must answer their call to get an appointment and they usually have a date a couple weeks out so you have time to plan your trapping.

Richmond SPCA has an online form you can submit for a free feral cat appointment.

Prevent a Litter can be reached at (804) 359-6369 and offers free feral cat spay/neuter services.

If your colony can’t wait for trapping singles or doubles and you have funds to pay for some surgeries, we recommend contacting A.L. Shilling Spay and Neuter at (804) 368-6232.  Feral spay/neuters are only $35, less than the price of feeding for a month.   Church Hill Animal Hospital  at (804)644-8200 is a full-service vet providing low-cost services at around $90 per feral.  We highly recommend their practice.

If you need help trapping, send us a message at and we’ll see if some volunteers can make a visit.  We receive a high volume of requests, so please be patient.  Check out Ally Cat Allies for a wealth of information on the practice of TNR, tips and techniques.  There’s also a RVA Community Cats group you can join to network with others on the same mission.