Q.  Do you serve food?
A.  No.  It’s generally a bad idea (we found from experience when we first opened) to have people eating around cats all day.  The cats beg and steal and will ignore guests who don’t have food.  Eat before you come or grab a bite in Shockoe Bottom after your time with cats and let the cats be the focus of your experience at Central Purrk.  We do offer beverages for you to drink, so that’s the only “cafe” part of the visit.  There is no menu and the drinks are self serve.

Q.  How many cats will be available to interact with?
A.  We try to have up to 15 adult cats in the lounge.  Our space is limited and keeping the cats happy and healthy is our top priority.  The cats are separated into two separate lounge areas to help the cats feel confident in their territory and to more closely monitor their health and eating habits.

Q.  How much does it cost?
A.  You’re purchasing a drink with time, so it’s $6 per person to stay for 30 minutes and $10 per person to stay an hour.  This fee pays the cats’ rent, keeps the lights on, internet connected, and buys them food, litter, toys, and furniture to keep the lounge area comfortable.  We also have private events from time to time so we recommend a reservation to ensure the cats are accepting company.

Q.  How many people will be in the lounge at once?
A.  We limit the number of humans to 15 to 18 per hour to ensure a good time will be had by all.  Cats can become overstimulated with too much excitement and their well-being is our greatest concern.  Cats also sleep a lot so we want to make sure the cat-to-people ratio isn’t disappointing for guests.

Q.  Can I bring my own cat?
A.  No.  All resident kitties are fully vetted and available for adoption through a rescue organization.  We ensure all cats have passed their wellness exam, are spayed/neutered, combo tested neg/neg for FIV/FeLV, and are up to date on all shots, flea preventative, and deworming medicine.

Q.  Why is there an age requirement to visit the cats?
A.  Our cats’ welfare is our top priority.  We’re limiting the chance of them being overstimulated by constant excitement.  Young children have a lot of energy and sometimes cats don’t appreciate their loving gestures.  We realize being exposed to so many strangers increases the risk of an unpleasant incident, and we appreciate the risk of injury is serious, so please understand a liability waiver is required for every guest.

We’re accepting children 7 and older with a parent/guardian and no more than two children per adult during regular business hours.  If a child you bring is aggressive or excessively excited, you may be asked to leave for the well-being of the cats and other guests.  Children are not allowed to pick up any cats and may only pet and play with cats in a respectful manner.

If you want to schedule a private party for children of mixed ages, please email us to make arrangements and we will have extra staff and volunteers to help manage the interaction.

Q.  Can I adopt a cat I meet at Central Purrk?
A.  With an approved application, yes!  Central Purrk is a foster placement for rescued cats looking for their forever home.  We foster for several different organizations, so if you inquire about a specific cat and the adoption application will be directed to the right organization.

Q.  Can I bring my own snacks or beverages?
A.   We discourage food unless it’s a private event or for a medical necessity.  The cats beg.  People get swarmed for crumbs.  Cats steal anything left unattended.  It’s just not a good idea.  A drink is included in admission and we offer drip coffee, hot tea, hot cocoa, soft drinks, and bottled water.

Q.  Can I bring snacks for the cats?
A.  No.  Central Purrk will provide approved snacks for the cats to enjoy.  We have to monitor their diet closely, so a limited number will be available upon request.

Q.  Can I book Central Purrk for a private event?
A.  Absolutely!  We will help you party plan an exceptional event, but it must be for a small crowd under 35 people.  Weekdays it’s $95 for an hour and weekends are $150 per hour.

Q.  Can I volunteer as a helper in the cat lounge?
A.  Have fun for a good cause!  We encourage everybody to be involved in their community and do have volunteer opportunities.  Getting these precious cats adopted is our core mission and it does take time and effort to accomplish this goal.  We have many levels of participation, from monitoring the cat lounge and updating social media, to writing bios and capturing our cats on film showing off their best personalities.